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Musky Road Rules Podcast

Mar 26, 2022

Join Tony Grant and Gregg Thomas as they speak with Chase Gibson of Gibson's Guide Service and Luke King the new length/weight state record holder in West Virginia.  Hear his story of his 55" 51lb giant! 

Mar 12, 2022

Join Gregg Thomas, Tony Grant and guest host Glenn McDonald of 54orBust!  On this episode the guys speak with Ken Trail ( of Virginia and Shawnee Expeditions 

guide Scott Donovan and Chris Reibe of Kinkaid Lake in Southern IL.  All the guys are on fish and want to talk about it! 

Mar 1, 2022

Join Tony Grant & Gregg Thomas as they discuss the upcoming musky shows.  The guys talk with Paul Hartman of George's MInnesota Muskie Expo and Shawn Leopardi from MuskieMax in PA.