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Musky Road Rules Podcast

Jun 28, 2018

Join Gregg Thomas and Tony Grant as they discuss the Eagle River PMTT, the Canadian opener and Minnesota fishing.  

Jun 22, 2018

Hi All

Join Tony Grant and Gregg Thomas as they get ready for the Eagle River Chain PMTT Tournament.  They will also pay respects to a great friend to many of the on the trail Captain Dave Schultz with a memorial tournament and pirate ship voyage to spread the ashes.  This one gets a little out of hand!

Jun 14, 2018

Hey Everyone

Join Gregg Thomas and Tony Grant as they give a few fishing reports.  They also talk to Tim Widlacki from the PMTT about the up coming Eagle River WI tournament and with Joe Perpechko and Santo Munizzi who won the Spring Classic on the Eagle River Chain last weekend.   They have a good discussion with...

Jun 6, 2018

Hi everyone 

Join Gregg Thomas and Tony Grant talk to Todd Young from Lake Chautauqua, NY about how the fishing has been so far this spring. Also we have Danny Haddox and Troy Radcliff winners of the Eric Workman Tournament in WV this weekend discussing their winning patterns.  We have Don Pfeiffer telling us about the...