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Musky Road Rules Podcast

Jan 26, 2023

Join Gregg Thomas has he is joined by Luke Ronnestrand discussing a review of the Chicago Muskie Expo while working the Thorne bros Booth.  He also has Chad Harmon on with shares some stories from the Ohio musky fishery and getting ready for the Ohio Musky Show!

Jan 16, 2023

Join Gregg Thomas as he speaks with Kurt Hansen of in MN who will be bringing a 120' of product to the Chicago Muskie Expo and Chase Gibson who recently purchased  and he will be displaying at the show.  Gregg also talks about this new Northwest Angle Adventures. 

Jan 9, 2023

Join Gregg Thomas with guest host Jim Stella from the PMTT as they share some stats.  Austin Wiggerman also joins the guys and talks what he learned and how it was to fish the trail for the first time.